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Ashampoo Cinemagraph

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Ashampoo® Cinemagraph Easily create vivid photos & loop videos Vivid pictures that... plus

Informations sur les produits "Ashampoo Cinemagraph"

Ashampoo® Cinemagraph

Easily create vivid photos & loop videos

Vivid pictures that catch the eye and fascinate


Cinemagrams are the stars on every homepage and every social media profile! Because Cinemagraphs are more than just animated images. Since they are neither photos nor videos, they immediately attract attention. Your videos become vivid photographs where certain elements or areas move in a miraculous way. These Cinemagrams can be created with Photoshop, with complicated or expensive Cinemagraph software or in a few steps with Ashampoo Cinemagraph!


screenshot ashampoo cinemagraph example bridge


Icon: mark Create impressive cinematic diagrams in no time
Icon: mark Fascinating results despite simple handling
Icon: mark 23 effects with six fade modes
Icon: mark Image stabilization against camera shake
Icon: mark Rotate and crop with any aspect ratio
Icon: mark Rounded corners for a special look
Icon: mark slow motion and fast motion through variable playback speed
Icon: mark Simply add texts
Icon: mark All common video formats, codecs and resolutions supported
Icon: mark Output as animated GIF or in numerous video formats
Icon: mark Create and reuse presets
Icon: mark Output formats: Animated GIF, MP4 (h264), WMV, Motion JPEG, WebM, OGG, uncompressed AVI


As simple as image editing


All you need is a video and of course Ashampoo Cinemagraph. The video should not be blurred, tripod shots are ideal. Let the video play in the program and simply mark with a brush those areas that should move. Size, hardness and opacity can be individually adjusted with sliders. We claim: With this program simply everyone can create a fascinating Cinemagraph!


screenshot ashampoo cinemagraph example city


More than just an animation


The interplay of moving and stationary areas inevitably draws the eye to the subject you want to bring to the fore. Cleverly selected, several optical layers are created and thus highly effective vivid photos & loop videos! Although the basis is always video, it seems to the viewer that you bring photos to life. Also an atmospheric highlight for all videos or slideshows!


Variable Image Art


You yourself decide which areas should be animated - and which areas remain motionless. The resulting videos convey an extraordinary atmosphere and can capture a moment especially well! The output is then as GIF or video as desired. You can also define details such as size, quality and repetitions with a few clicks. And if you want to work audio-visually, the sound track can of course be used.


screenshot ashampoo cinemagraph example field


Improve videos easily for perfect cinematics


An optimal source material belongs to every video production. Therefore, with Ashampoo Cinemagraph you can quickly and easily adjust exposure and colouring. Improve the saturation of your videos, edit shadows and highlights in no time at all! Make the best out of your videos via tonal value corrections or white balance adjustments to make your cinematic diagrams look even more intense!


Add text and effects


Even cinemagrams often get the finishing touches only by faded in comments or special effects. Ashampoo Cinemagraph allows you to easily add text or use 23 effects with six fade modes for very different moods. The strength and fading of the filters are of course finely adjustable. Let your creativity run wild and set accents where they are most impressive!


Simply turn, cut and time


This Cinemagraph software captures the perfect moment, of course correctly shot and in the best format. So you can rotate your videos smoothly, choose the right frame and choose the right aspect ratio. And since many things only look right in fast motion or slow motion, you can control the playback speed with just one click. Your preferred settings can also be saved and imported again later!


Easily stabilize videos and remove camera shake


The quieter a camera is held during shooting, the clearer and more beautiful the cinematic diagram will be. However, many shots taken with a mobile phone or an action cam are unsightly blurred. With Ashampoo Cinemagraph you will experience video stabilization in a class of its own! Even videos that have been shot in motion from the free hand will get a realistic, smoother camera image.


Use our Cinemagraph software to create moving images that inspire!


Create cinematics for free? No problem, you can use this Ashampoo product for 10 days without any restrictions, after a free registration you can even use it for 20 additional days! A month full of fascinating cinemagrams for free!


Thanks to our translators

DutchDutch (Guy Raedersdorf)
HungarianHungarian (László Koncz)
PolishPolish (Artur Krupa)
SwedishSwedish (Olle Ohlsson)
TurkishTurkish (Çağdaş Tatar)
CzechCzech (Libor Divis)
Portuguese (Brazilian)Portuguese (Brazilian) (Josè Carlos Taveira)
ChineseTraditionalChineseTraditional (Alan)
RomanianRomanian (Andrei Grigorcea)
CatalanCatalan (Joan Queralt)
SlovakianSlovakian (Milan Slovák)
FinnishFinnish (Veikko Muurikainen)
Spanish (Argentina)Spanish (Argentina) (Angel De Giorgi)


System requirements

operating system:

You need the 64-bit version of the following operating systems:

Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7


Windows Media Player 10

.NET Framework 4.0


DVD-quality processing / production - dual core processor with at least 2.4 GHz

HD quality editing / production Intel Core i5 / i7 or similar quad-core processors

working memory (RAM):

DVD quality at least 2 GB free RAM

HD quality at least 4 GB free memory

Ideal: 8 GB RAM or more

Video card:

DirectX 9

Pixelshader v2.0

Min. 128 MB RAM.

Min. 1280 x 1024


An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked at regular intervals.

An Internet connection is required for some services.

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Commentaires des clients pour "Ashampoo Cinemagraph"
28 déc. 2021

Funktioniert sehr gut, ist aber von der Bedienung teils(!) etwas unhandlich

Getestet wurde das Programm Ashampoo Cinemagraph V1.0.2 von 2019
Redaktioneller Hinweis: Das Programm habe ich im Rahmen eines Magazin mit Heft-CD erworben.
Die ausgezeichnet einfache Bedienung ist einfach Super. Das Programm ist intuitiv bedienbar und durch die sofort sichtbaren Ergebnisse macht auch Experimentieren Spaß. So ist es sogar möglich z.B. einen Bart „wackeln“ zu lassen, wenn ein bärtiger Kopf ansonsten ruhig gestellt wird und der Teil mit dem Bart als animierter Bereich deklariert wird. Ebenso ist es sehr einfach, einen Bereich als statisch festzulegen, verschiedene andere Bereiche als dynamisch und somit das Gesamtergebnis teils-animiert auszugeben.
Was ich persönlich schade fand ist, dass nicht alle Videoformate erkannt werden. So ist es gerade bei einem Interview das per Videokonferenz aufgenommen und bereits mit einem Videoeditor bearbeitet wurde nicht möglich, diese Datei einzulesen. Die Aussage der Fehlermeldung, dass, ich zitiere „fast alle Videoformate außer HEVC/H265 unterstützt würden, ist weder hilfreich noch sinnvoll, denn wenn die Aussage ist, dass „fast“ alle Videoformate unterstützt werden, nützt die Spezifizierung auf zwei bestimmte Videoformate, die keinesfalls unterstützt werden wenig und ist irrelevant.
Auch scheinen sogenannte Layer Probleme zu machen. Im Beispiel sollte der animierte Text nachträglich als statisch festgehalten sein, statt langsam ausgeblendet zu werden. Dies habe ich nicht im Test hinbekommen. Wenn es dafür eine Lösung gibt, würde ich mich freuen.
Ein weiterer Punkt ist, ein neues Video zu bearbeiten. Hierfür ist manuell das zuerst bearbeitete Video zu entfernen. Viel einfacher wäre es, wenn ein neu zu bearbeitendes Video einfach in den Hauptbildschirm hineingeschoben werden könnte und dabei das bisher verwendete und bereits eingeladene Video einfach automatisch entfernt würde.

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